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Error 404 on my website.
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Author:  dac25. [ Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  Error 404 on my website.

What is with the error 404 I am getting. Is their a fix..Some of my published folders are not showing on the display in web album, and on my website I click the link to get a error 404.. This started a few days back, also noticed all the updates to my website are not showing on my website. I hope this bug can be sprayed, I would hate to have too re-create another years worth of website.. :x

Author:  dac25. [ Sat Jul 23, 2011 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Error 404 on my website.

Hi there Vicman, are you aware that over the last week, their has been an Error 404 Not found through the Web Album software. If I upload new photos and publish a new album for my website, it does not load, and I get an 'internal error' message. Most of my links on my website, are showing up as a error 404 not found. It has been like this for the whole weeks. Please take a look at it, I dont want to have to use another program.
It appears that after 6 days of Web Photo Album showing a Error 404 Not found, I have seen that their is no support for problems. I appreciate it is 'freeware', and would happily pay for it, but Vicman, why has it not been fixed by now. I have used all the email addresses I could find, to let Vicman know of the bug, and I get no response. Even the contact us on the Vicman webpage, does not go through as the capture I place in correctly all the time says 'capture' incorrect, although it is tried 6 times and is correct. I even tried the support@vicman and know action to the Web Album. I have never been able to use Photo Album 3D. When I click on the scene I want, it immediately gives me a bug report, and I have to ctrl -alt -del to close the 3D window down. Regrettably I think I may have to move to a new Web Album, as I cannot tolerate items on my website showing the Error 404 Not Found. It makes my viewers think that I dont give a damn or cant create a website. Was a loyal Vicman software fan, but during Dec this year, their was a problem for a week or more, and it seems the same is going to happen again. Can be one of the best programs, however the bugs and errors and lack of technical support, makes me have to create all of my folders with a new program. I

Not happy anymore!! :x

Author:  dac25. [ Sat Jul 30, 2011 5:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Error 404 on my website.

Well we are in the second week, of Web Photo Album 1.2 not working. I try and upload with the hope that it is working, and for the last couple days I have been getting an 'internal error' message when doing this. As well as the problem of the error 404, on links on my website. It is a classic case of "the lights are on" but "their is nobody home" with this software. The software is their, but no one will contact you about the error. It is like Vicman has dropped the ball on this product. The Phot.o Web Album 1.2 and 3D would have been fantastic if it:

1. Had support for problems, even a courtesy email would have been sufficient..
2. Did not have so many bugs for me. And I have supported/used this software for 1.5 years.

I stand by my comment that if I had to pay for this software, I would. As long as it had support, and all the bugs fixed. Sadly I must uninstall Web Photo Album, and use another piece of software, and create all my web links again, 2 weeks is tooooooo long, to wait in the dark, with no correspondence that the software is being fixed. Vicman you have dropped the ball on this software...Shame.. :cry:

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