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A Bug Or Two
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Author:  zoxx [ Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:58 pm ]
Post subject:  A Bug Or Two

This is my first bug, as reported via e-mail.

Access violation at address 0082FD03 in module 'vcwphoto.exe'. Read of address 00210806

What I was doing:
I open a jpeg image. Aplied Edges filters, saved as a new file.
Then I used Warp tool. One Undo. Some subtle warping. Then OK.
I used vertical scroll bar, scrolling down. Then it happened.

I tryed once again. Everything but Undo. All fine.

Third time. Now with Undo. Everything works fine.

Windows XP Home @ Athlon64, 512 MB
ATi Sapphire 9600+ Pro Graphic Card
E-MU 0404 Sound Card (S/PDIF connected to Yamaha AW2816 digital mixer)

Application running:
5 Windows Explorers
1 Internet Explorer (controlling SMC Router)
4 Mozilla Firefox (with 20 tabs total)
1 Mozilla Thunderbird
1 Webster Dictionary
1 Microsoft Paint
1 Open Office 1.1.4
1 Apple iTunes 6.0 (playing)
1 Alleycode HTML Editor (6 HTML pages)

Firewire (Zone Alarm Pro) and Antivirus (Norton) running. Internet connected (DSL).


The other bug happened when I tried to open a .png file. The picture is 2020x1037. The preview, within filebox, is correct. The priview, button click full screen, is correct. Open, gives me the following:
Assertion failed: m_created, file E:\Works\04a_deg\projects\FastBMPLoader_br\CLS\imageqbitmap\gmlimage.cpp, line 161
[Please note that my E: drive is DVD-R burner, currently empty]
After OK, I got:
Abnormal program termination
[Application terminates]

I tried to open the same file several times. It's always like I described before. I have no other .png file to test the behavior with other files.

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